Our Mission

Bloom’s mission provides a virtual safe space for girls to blossom in social, emotional, physical, and mental wellness.

Our History

On April 23, 2020, six women met to discuss a collaborative mentoring program for young girls in Bowling Green, KY and surrounding areas, which could take place online during the covid19 pandemic. Each founder of the organization worked with youth programming and/or managed businesses of their own. The group agreed on the name and purpose of the program with intentions to launch the first session on June 4, 2020.

Founding Organizations

beautifulYOU is a program of Evolving Lives, LLC. It is an enrichment program for young women ages 11-18, designed to increase positive self-image and improve overall functioning in girls maturing into womanhood.

Becoming University is a leadership and development program for girls ages 10-14. Our mission is to program a safe space for girls to express themselves, to counsel and advise for successful everyday living, and to help develop physical, emotional and social well-being.

Bolden Beauty Industry Creative Network is a forward-thinking multi-brand creative network. We are committed to strategically using our brands to make a beautiful impact on the world.

For A Real Change empowers youth to improve their quality of life and those within their reach through education, applied learning, and meaningful service experiences

LIFE Mentoring holistically seeks to create positive change in the lives of youth and adults. They offer various programs which aid in community development.

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