Dye reminds girls we are all storykeepers at Bloom

Dr. Lacretia Dye

The third session of the Bloom Enrichment Program uses the theme Blossoming in the Rain and features Dr. Lacretia “Cre” Dye  presenting the topic, Anxiety – We Are All Storykeepers.

Dr. Lacretia ‘Cre” Dye is a Western Kentucky University Professor, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), and Yoga teacher and enthusiast. She is absolutely in love with children and young adults and has been teaching, counseling, dancing, drumming and doing yoga with them for over 20 years! Dye has also conducted over 100 presentations and workshops on  topics geared towards young people. Some of these presentations include: Love More Stress Less, Black Minds Matter, Black Girl Magic, Living with Emotions But Not Being Your Emotion, Who’s in Control of Me and Identity, Purpose & Hope

Dye is excited for the opportunity to spend time with workshop participants discussing We Are All Storykeepers. She expressed, “Did you know that for every emotion you have, the body collects them as a part of your story? How we live, think, feel and behave is impacted by the stories we hear and tell ourselves.  In our session, we will move, be still, reflect, laugh and play in hope that every past sad, angry, fearful or anxious emotion we have can be released or re-storied for our wellness.”

Participants of the Bloom Enrichment Program can hear Dr. Lacretia Dye’s presentation on June 18, 2020.


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