Rivas engages youth with Bloom Moves

Each Thursday afternoon in June, the Bloom Enrichment Program will end with Bloom Moves led by Julia Rivas.

Julia Rivas is the mother of two beautiful children, a professional, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an artist, a member of the philanthropic community. She is a Zumba instructor and will soon begin her Yoga Teacher certification. She has a Facebook page called VidaJulieRivas and a blog where he shares some of his personal experiences.

During Bloom Moves, youth will engage in up to ten minutes of physical activity, such as Zumba. While we encourage all youth to participate, if girls are unable to participate, they can do a modified version in their home based on their comfort level. Each girl should adhere to her space, physical abilities, and medical restrictions.

Any girl who is uncomfortable sharing her video during Bloom Moves may hide video. If you have any questions, feel free to contact bloomenrichment@gmail.com.


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